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History of ILC Nepal

History of the Organization

The first initiation to promote the concept of the Independent Living Movement in Nepal was brought by a group of young and energetic persons with disabilities (PWDs) under the leadership of Mr. Krishna Gautam. Mr. Krishna Gautam’s vision was to establish an Independent Living Center where individuals with profound and severe disabilities can count on in terms of support, assistance, counseling, and services. Having followed a 10-month “DUSKIN Leadership Training” in Japan, Mr. Krishna Gautam took the initiative to promote Independent Living in Nepal and creating the Independent Living Center (ILC Lalitpur). Gaining a lot of needed knowledge on Independent Living (IL) from his extensive training, Mr. Krishna Gautam together with a team of equally minded youths and energetics started to shift the paradigm of disability from charity to rights-based.

A fight for rights!

The Start of the Independent Living Center (ILC) was a struggle and a journey from a concept to reality. When Independent Living for persons with disabilities (PWDs) started as an idea in 2005, Mr. Krishna Gautam and his team needed first the support of the government and during that it seemed impossible to start a movement of civil rights. Nepal's socio-political scenario was unstable due to the armed conflict and the direct ruling of the king. But with the leadership of the seven party’s alliance, the people of Nepal prepared the “people’s movement” and liberated the country from the cruel claws of autocracy. The Independent Living Center (ILC) at that time was not yet fully established and supported the “people’s movement” with the participation of persons with disabilities (PWDs). In April 2006 during the big road movement of the “people’s movement”,  the Independent Living Center (ILC) joined the masses on behalf of Civil Society and helped to create a path to a new future. After the liberation and the change of the political situation in Nepal , idea of Independent Living in Nepal came to life as it was registered in the district administration office in 2010 as the Independent Living Center (ILC).

Logo of ILC Nepal. A illustration of person in wheelchair with both hands up.
Independent Living Center Lalitpur
Sanepa, Lalitpur, Nepal
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