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We empower persons with disabilities to be able to live independently, make choices about their life and participate in all life events!
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Independent Living

Persons with Disabilities are advocating for Independent Living around the world. But what exactly does it mean by Independent Living?
The concept of Independent Living (IL) for persons with disabilities (PWDs) does not mean doing everything yourself or living on your own. It stands for giving a choice and helping getting control over the facility of personal assistance, equipment or assistive devices need for daily life. 
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Core Programs

The Independent Living Center- Lalitpur is continuously working to uplift the life status of persons with severe and profound disabilities through our various programs.

Independent Living

The Independent Living Program (ILP) is there to increase persons with disabilities (PWDs) daily living skills and to equip them with the tools they need but can’t get access to.

Personal assistant service

This programs allows persons with disabilities (PWDs) who need all time support to get daily assistance from a Personal Assistant (PA).

Peer counseling

During our Peer Counseling program persons with disabilities (PWDs) can find comfort, advice, guidance, motivation and confide.


During this program we focus on the legal state in Nepal considering the rights and services for persons with disabilities (PWDs) and on how to improve these.

Information Center

Through its publications, networks and contacts the ILC can offer referral service for: affordable assistive devices, employment opportunities, transportation solutions and free education.

Assistive devices

Being involved in the training, research, innovation and production of the newest assistive devices and technologies the Independent Living Center (ILC) holds this program as high valued.
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Independent Living Center Lalitpur
Sanepa, Lalitpur, Nepal
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